Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Jazz Time Session

It happened to me again tonight. I am blown away by manmade beauty. I was over at my friend Terry's apartment over the river in Indiana, and as I'm driving back, I'm looking over the bridge at the Louisville skyline, and I felt peace. I have that overwhelming sense of peace every time I look at a big city. I really don't get it, but it's just where I feel the happiest, and I feel like God is moving the most in my life. I personally feel like Japan is going to be a haven for that God-giving peace I feel when I am in a big city. Tokyo is pretty much the biggest city on earth, and when I get there, I know it's going to happen. I will feel the way I do when I drive and see the skyline of a big city. The one that I truly wish I could see again is New York. I miss that sight, seeing the lights, hearing the traffic, smelling the food from the street (you can't deny what I'm talking about). I had the idea of going back for a week or so in May (right before I leave for the internship, but because of time, it just didn't work out).

Speaking of which, Wednesday is April 1st, and that means, I only have another month to go before I am done with school for this semester and I can go home again. My brother and dad are coming up to Louisville and we are all going to drive back together. I can't wait for that, it will be good to be back in Florida for a while. I'm probably going to go to the beach, like a lot. So It's going to be a great time. If most of my readers are from the WEST PALM BEACH area, chances are, I'll be seeing you real soon!


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