Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Japan Day!

Today is that memorable day that I went to Japan for the first time, (6 years ago). I was a junior at Spanish River High School and I had already turned in about 7 notes to 7 different teachers explaining why I was going to miss 8 days of school. Some of them didn't believe me, but I remember something that my horrid 11th grade English teacher told me. As much as I loathed that woman, her advice was something that I will never, ever forget. "Learn a lot". I still to this day remember what she told me, and I have learned a lot. I learned that I am really going back, and that I am really meant to be back in the country, so things are going to be incredible over there. I hope that my writing is an encouragment to all the people out there who are trying to find purpose to their lives today. God will guide you, and bless your efforts as you strive to do what you have to do to succeed in life. Now, I'm off to go eat sushi tonight, in honor of the occasion.

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