Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break (Some Japanese Cultural Points)

School is halfway done. I am so blessed to be at this point. Today was part 2 of my Japan season. It will be Japan season for me until April the 4th. Basically it was like this. These were the original dates of my first trip. (March 26th - April 4th, 2003) So today I went out to my absolute favorite sushi restaurant in Louisville to enjoy the celebration. I haven't taken the chance to watch any anime yet. Most recently, I have found myself liking Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, and Le Chevalier Deon. I absolutely and postively must endorse my hatred for the following anime, that must be avoided at all costs:


These series are by far the worst ones out there. The fan followers of these series scare me beyond anything I can possibly say. My older brother Brian's friend Nick has this horrible habit of making it look like I am the biggest Naruto fan to walk this earth. I can assure you that is not true. If you were trying to torture me, I would be sitting in a room tied up someplace watching the above mentioned anime series.


I was following one of my fellow missions majors here at school, and am seeing the same anxiety about the missions internships as I am feeling. I am not just preparing for this trip spriritual (trust me, that is seriously lacking right now), but physically. I am going to find it an interesting and humbling experience to be eating nothing but rice, fish and veggies for the 10-week duration of my stay in Tokyo. (To the Japanese, that is the healthiest diet imaginable), to the American, that diet might seem dull and repative. I don't think this way at all. But I must say, for all the sushi fanatics in the world, you have to understand, our concept of sushi is very biased and Americanized. All of the sushi that we see in the States (the exotic rolls) isn't available in Japan at all. Sushi in Japan is a sliver of raw fish over a small portion of rice with some wasabi sauce as a bonding agent. (It's a bigger acquired taste than the American sushi). I have to be really humble about eating the stuff when I go, because when I went to Japan the first time in 2003, I seriously only ate it once. I really didn't like it at all, so I am hoping that while I am in Japan, I could try some other Japanese foods. Not a total loss.

Last weekend, my school had the chance to show the love of Jesus in a very real way. Boyce Student Council had the idea of the different halls in the dorms doing service projects to outreach our community. It was a whole lot of fun. Me and 3 classmates drove to downtown Louisville in my car and handed out donuts and sack lunches for people and just had the chance to talk with people about faith and did some witnessing. I must admit that sometimes I have a fear of sharing my faith because I feel that people won't listen or that they are too scared to open up to a total stranger. That usually isn't me, I am the most outgoing person I know. I will nto hestitate to get to know people. I want you all to know, that I have gained a serious understanding about theology here at school this semester. Especially the concept of perseverance of the saints. (a doctrine of Calvinism) I used to have a hard time understanding the theology here at school, but now I am starting to see eye to eye with the professors and the wiser people. I spent 2 semesters shunning this concept here at the school, and I really need to be focusing on soaking up every possible opportunity I have to witness and be a light and learn everything I can for the field.

I hope you find this blog post an encouragement today. God Bless you all.


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