Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I must have left off so long ago, because my last post was more than a week ago, and it is becoming more than out of character for me. I am learning to get along with my school work before most things that i do in school, so forgive me in that there is just so much to these days, and I feel that i have to take time away from the blog. I am still devoted to it, but I have so much to get done in the days of school, and with possible jobs coming up, I really have to make all possible use of my time.

More of the pictures will come in later posts, but I at least wanted you all to know what was going on in this time. This past weekend (Labor Day) I was able to travel down to Austin, which is a big deal, because this is the first time I have ever driven some place for a period of longer than an hour and a half, and now I can say that I can go anywherem so I was visiting my family. Now school is back in serious rise, and I have to focus as best I can.

Look for the blog posts in the future, they will come.


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