Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Asia Chronicles – Blog Post #4

Concluding the summer months in God’s Word…

I honestly can’t even remember where my devotions had left off, but when I was reading through scripture tonight, I was blown away. I finished reading Ecclesiastes and came to the realization that I had finished a 6-book endeavor that started in May.

Since May (probably the first weekend of the month)

I have read through:
• Nehemiah
• 1st and 2nd Samuel
• 1st and 2nd Kings
• Ecclesiastes and Psalm 119

I have seen the rise and falls of history’s most famous kings, watching empires be built up and collapse all around…But the most amazing thing through all of this is the lesson that God revealed to me. what happens to people who steer clear of obeying God…they end up succumbing to ruin, and their lives are nothing, essentially they fail because they choose not to do what God has asked them to do, but when they trust God and are obedient, the Kingdom is blessed.

In the conclusion to all of this (in Ecclesiastes) you see Solomon imparting the beginning of his wisdom he gained from God on the readers. I could relate to what was being spoken at the end of Chapter 12

Solomon was talking about “putting off the anxiety of your heart” and the “troubles of your body”…I can definitely relate to both of those statements just because having been through issues with my heart, things like that speak so loudly to me, it’s like God is shouting it to me through the words of King Solomon.

The next things that you will see as far as "Flashdevos" are from the New Testament: Luke, Acts, and Hebrews...

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