Sunday, September 26, 2010

"The Asia Chornicles" - blog post #2

This blog will be around to tell people about what I'm doing with my life for the Lord, and to give people ideas about how to practice ministry in a way that will win people to Christ.

This was what I wrote on my blog the day it started, May 21st 2008, over 2 years ago. I wrote this post with the full intent that I would be going back to Japan (this is after my first trip in 2003), and I did go back. I feel like i have fulfilled that desire personally by returning to Japan, and now it feels as though there isn't that much for me to do now, by thinking I have to go back (again). So now I am wondering what God will do with me now that I am here in seminary and working to get a degree.

Even if you look back a few posts to the one entitled "Who am I?" and I said I would go back to Japan. I just said at the ending of the paragraph in there, I knew I was called to the mission field. That was about as specific as I can be right now, because I'm not 100% I am supposed to be in Japan. So it's a good thing.

So we will have to see what I will do from here. For now, be patient, and you'll see how things went with my membership class tonight at Southcliff Baptist Church.


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