Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Having Joy

It is really easy to see where people's true joy comes from. If they are believers, then you will certainly see Jesus living in them and giving them the joy that makes a room brighter. Today, I found my joy in my wife, in her love, in her companionship and her love of life. I am writing this post and she is listening to a ton of oldies on that "SPOTIFY" app. I love how she gets me excited to come home each day, that's pure joy. The joy that only the Lord can give us. Don't let anyone steal your joy from you, because you certainly won't have much to live for otherwise. Joy is worth defending, worth fighting for. Life is worth living always. Don't doubt your life, don't ever put yourself into a place where you want to take your life. I have heard stories this week about people taking their lives and I wonder why they'd want to be so selfish to take their lives. Suicide really is an example of selfishness and despair because people have to be really low to want to take their own lives, I pray for the person I know whose family member committed suicide this weekend. REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS, AND AGAIN I SAY REJOICE! GRACE AND PEACE! -Joel Psalm 37:4

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