Sunday, May 13, 2012

1st Week of Summr has already passed

Yeah, yeah, I know i haven't posted, but what do you expect with me being at work 40 hours the entire week and then coming home at 5, and being in bed by like 11 or 12, it's just not as easy to blog as I thought it would be, but somehow I still manage to do it. So everyday this past week, I worked 8-5, and then there were some days that things were out of the ordinary. I mean I was with a different person for lunch everyday. I also didn't work out, which I am disappointed about because I really should have been in the gym this week, so I will do better this week trying to get in the gym. I was able to actually go out to lunch on Saturday with my former roommate Mark, to that sushi place near Baylor Saints Hospital off McCart... I didn't get any sushi rolls, but I did get a hand roll. They really should have used the Nori seaweed to make those, but I couldn't have asked for a better lunch. I really don't get to eat anything esquite. My tastes in food basically revolve around 3 groups if I eat out: Chinese, Pizza, or burgers...that's if I am trying to be extravagent and go out with my wifey. I am also playing through Skyrim...Still trying to beat the main quest, getting through that and play through the game so I can beat it. I still would like to completely replay through the Halo series, and maybe even start playing Assassin's Creed, since my cousin Ben gave it to me to borrow. Anyway, I had promised myself and everyone else I would start doing this since I have been able to have the time on my hands to do it, so here are some FLASHDEVOS (Going through the book of Job) Who are we to complain? There is so much good going in our lives, no matter if some circumstances change and turn out to be a horrible situation, we can do all we can to get things in order, but only constant devotion to God can help us get to where we need to be. We have to cry out to God everyday to help us. So what do we do then, when everything we have in life gets taken away from us. Job was a wealthy man, a man of influence, and he trusted God with everything he had, and yet he got it taken away from him to prove that he would curse God to his face (at least that's what Satan tried to do). I look at what it means to be content, and I learn I have a lot to be thankful for, I also have to go through my life and examine every facet, every detail in a positive sense, and take everything as a victory. Grace and Peace, I will write more again this week, at least I hope so... Joel (Psalm 37:4)

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