Sunday, October 25, 2009

Counting down the weeks

I only have a total of 4 weeks before the semester is over and I head back home. It will actually be 3 weeks on Friday...I am just overwhelmed. It will be 3 months that I am back stateside, and I am starting to forget everything. Last night, I put the train map of Tokyo back up on my wall, giving myself those memories. It was a constant reminder to me, and if I were to ever go back to Tokyo, I could tell you how to get some place. Right now, I am just struggling because I have to keep reading, reading, reading for my preaching class. I dislike the way that the class does quizzes, because randomly, the professor will decide to change his mind about taking them (which is great, but I wish there would be advance notice). So I am doing whatever I can to do good on this quiz I'll have tomorrow. The books will certainly get easier after this. I am definitely convinced that I learned alot from these books, however, it is so hard for me to remember things when I read, so I will be doing whatever I can to remember what I am studying...

This new book I'm reading "Christ-Centered Preaching" gives a lot of specific insights into how to write the sermons that people hear you talk about. You have to be relavent, you have to look through the texts, and things like that. So after church is over i will more than likely finish reading this book. I have fallen so far behind with this week's reading, it's not even funny, I am just lucky that the professor has given us some breaks.

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