Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Just to Catch Myself

Besides the fact that it's the greatest song ever (according to me), that is how I see my life over the next 2 days. Finals are done. I'm done with school, but now there's just this small problem of getting everything I own in my dorm room packed up and ready to head home for the next 3 weeks. Japan is getting closer and closer for me. Tomorrow, I can begin the countdown by saying it's 24 days away, and so on.... I have a whole lot to do just before I can even go. Life isn't going to be all fun and games when I go home now, so this is actually work for me. Japan is technically a class I am taking for school, with the amazing fact that my classroom is the biggest city on earth. I will have to work on getting everything organized once I'm home too. I am forgetting to do a lot of journaling and blogging lately, so I will do my very best to keep doing this once I'm home, just until I get that new journal set up for the trip.


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