Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unwanted Secrets

What would you do, if you heard that everything you ever knew about Japan now, and then there was this whole other side to the Japanese people that you knew absolutely nothing about. I never knew some of the things that I've heard. The Japanese have been hated by the Chinese, Koreans, and Philippinos. How is it, that this country who has the world's biggest city and the most advanced technology around. Yet, like other nations, they have a reason to be hated. The Germans are hated by the Jewish people because of the Holocaust. But there was forgiveness for that. Recently, the Chancellor of Germany met with Israel's Prime Minister and issued a formal apology for the Holocaust. To this day, it is a crime for a German person to deny the Holocaust. They would go to jail for that.

But the trouble is, the things that I've heard about Japan, I just have trouble believing that it ever happened. The Japanese taking people and making them into slaves and stealing Korean girls and making them into prostitutes for the Japanese soldiers. It sounds horrible, but there are somethings that are better left unknown in our lifetimes.

We have to constantly look past the bad things in this world in order for people to see the love of Jesus in our lives. If we didn't do that, people would be dying and going to Hell without ever hearing the name of Jesus. Everything we do in life has to be about Jesus, and that's the only thing that should matter to a true believer.

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