Saturday, May 24, 2008


It's late on Saturday night, and I happened to watch that movie on TV, and it helped me think about a concept a youth pastor once told me about salvation. Picture Titanic as the World as we know it. We get on board, we go through our lives, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, have a few parties, and then the end of the world hits (the iceberg). People everywhere are saying "No! Titanic will never sink, it's impossible!" And yet, the boat hit the iceberg, and within 2 hours, it was at the bottom of the ocean. Because the designers saw it unfit to put such a large amount of lifeboats on the deck, they only managed to put 20 boats, each designed to carry the weight of 70 grown men. There was a total of 2200 people (including the crew) onboard the ship. If you do the math, if all the lifeboats were filled with 70 people, there was only enough room for 1400 people. When the lifeboats were lowered, it can be seen as the offering of salvation. People get into the boats, and accept the free gift that Jesus is their Messiah, and believed it to be true. There were crewmembers too. They start to panic and pull out guns trying to keep people away from the lifeboats that can bring them salvation. They try to fight off people from knowing the truth, and can't even save themselves, and they die.

The point is, this sounds too much what the world is like. We have salvation in Jesus, and we have the ability to tell people to get onboard the boat that could save them from death in the icy waters of sin, and yet we can even fight them off like the crewmembers did the passengers with our arrogance and pride. We have to show people that we aren't going to let people stop us from warning people of the dangers that are to come in this life, and what awaits them if they don't get on the boat.

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