Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trust in the Lord

How hard is it for me to say that statement these days? I find that becuase I am still 3 weeks into the summer without work, it makes my dependance on God kind of hard. God has everything in this universe under control, but I find it so hard to trust his judgment in my life sometimes. God can do whatever he wants in my life, so I will just continue to leave this up to him.

Right now I am watching the anime TV show, Wolf's Rain. It takes place 200 years in the future. Wolves have been extinct, and now, somehow, they have come back to life, and the end of the world has begun. Somehow, the wolves know how to find "Paradise" and are disgusing themselves as human beings to make them less noticable. If they were to be caught, they could be sold for high prices, after they had been killed and stuffed. The 2 protaganists of the story, Higa and Kiba are traveling to paradise together. They encounter all sorts of people, all trying to find Paradise too.

In a way, Wolf's Rain reminds me of the Christian life. Its a struggle for people to find their way into the Paradise that waits for them at the end of the road. God wants us to go through with our struggles because there is a great reward waiting for us at the end.

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