Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revive This Nation 2 - Klickitat, Washington (Day 5): Wednesday March 14, 2012

There! Just beyond the lamppost!

This is hard, being the last day that I am here in this community, I have gotten attached and being on a plane to Dallas tomorrow afternoon isn’t going to be easy. But I have to go back to reality and face all of the challenges that are there.

I still have had the resounding theme of being in the Chronicles of Narnia, and that certainly has been the case ever since I got out here. It’s just incredible, the landscape is truly beautiful. During this trip I finally can say I read a book for fun. I finished “The Silver Chair” today; glad I did too. I needed to have my mind filled with something other than the useless nonsense that has gone in for the past few months. I wiped out a good deal of time, watching Glee and listening to all that “Club Bootie” music.

I experienced much of the same things last year when I got back from Quaker City, I was like “no one gets what I just went through”. I feel like I had done a lot of good and there are not a lot of people who get what I just went through. I mean, it will be easy to talk to some people, others I won’t want to tell anything to, but I have to be relaxed and realize that I have to approach my circumstances with a mindset that the only one who I should really be concerned with what they have to say about what I’ve done is the Lord, and if I have peace about coming back, I know he is pleased with me. I am still waiting to hear that God is pleased is with me, maybe it will happen throughout the course of the day.

This was the first time I preached on John 20:24-31, talking about the famous “doubting” Thomas. I thought things went well with that sermon, and I will have a chance to tell more. We had a great time of fellowship over a potluck service following my preaching and then I went home to pack and got ready to leave…

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