Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Adventures with Fireflies (Part 1)

ADD has its good moments and bad moments, because you can focus on one thing, or several things all at once. Today is one of those kinds of days where I wish I could focus on a bunch of different things at once, but I have to be a "one-at-a-time" kind of guy if that makes any sense. Right now, with school the way that it is, I have to take time to take things super slowly and just enjoy life for each and every experience that comes my way, taking ti slow, and learning things one day at a time, as a great friend of mine has told me.

Revival is just days away, and I am preparing myself mentally and spiritually for this task of preaching the word from a pulpit. I will try to blog much in the way that I wrote notes on facebook last year while I was in Ohio, but this is different, I am trying to branch out a little bit, using my social media platforms for reaching people with news about me. I also have twitter which can take pictures and people will be able to follow me that way as well.

Right now, I am playing the role of the good house husband, as my wife has not been feeling well. I took the day off from work to be by her side if she needed me for something and well I figured I would work on homework, have a few movies running, and get caught up on things before its time for me to leave.

More to come later tonight...

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