Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer 2011 Plans

This summer will be defined as a time of preparation and enjoyment, as I won’t be leaving Texas for more than 2 weeks; here is my definite vision of what I expect to do this summer.

Part 1: Working Full-time at the Original Mattress Factory
(Need to be banking as much money as possible to save for the wedding) I am setting a personal goal for myself (financially speaking) of raising over $1500

Part 2: Fellowship means that no summer can truly be enjoyed alone. I plan to spend as much time as I possibly can with friends (and fiancé) just hanging out and enjoying life.
What would that look like?
• Hanging Out with Friends
• Watching Movies
• Playing Video Games
• Watching Anime
• Cooking Meals

Part 3: Spiritual Growth is a VITAL part of what I am preparing to do in ministry, so I intend to be reading as much as I possibly can out of God’s Word. I still have my plan of going through the entire book of Isaiah as well as the Gospels, and this is a summer I want to spend changing things about myself, so instead of my typical version of the NIV; I will be doing my reading from the NASB.

Part 4: Physical Renewal is the term I give to the fact that I have journeyed so far because of all God did in my life through me being sick to the point of near death last year. I don’t want to move backwards, I only want to move forward, so here is my chance to take my health seriously and make a lasting permanent change. My goal is to be in the 270s by the end of this summer. I want to take my commitment to doing Weight Watchers seriously. I made so much progress since the incident happened; I do not want to go backwards.

Part 5: Travel is seriously an essential word when someone thinks of the summer. Therefore, I will be enjoying some much needed time back in my home state of Florida, in which I will be planning a wedding as well as seeing old friends and introducing them to the love of my life. We will spend half of our time in South Florida and the other half in Gainesville, I am looking forward to some time spent away from Texas. I haven’t been back in Florida since January.

Part 6: Reading is always a fun thing to do in the summer, considering that it is not a requirement for school anymore, so I want to take in as much as I possibly can.

Joel’s Summer Reading List...

JOHN GRISHAM: The Chamber, The Appeal

JOHN PIPER: The Pleasures of God, Future Grace

JOHN ELDRIDGE: Sacred Romance, Desire

TED DEKKER: Paradise Novels: Showdown, Saint, Sinner (gift from Dr. Nick)

TOM CLANCEY: Clear and Present Danger, Executive Orders

FRANCIS CHAN: Forgotten God

LEE STROBEL: The Case for Christ (Southcliff Singles Ministry…6 Weeks)

C.S. LEWIS: The Chronicles of Narnia

Hoping to be done with all of these books by the end of the summer (August 25th)

I won't be going to Thailand for the purpose of saving money for the wedding, so don't count on hearing about the trip. I will have to come up with some other video I could make off movie maker this summer. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this (and I'm sure by now you realize that Part 7 of this list of plans was blogging) maybe while I'm home I'll have a picture of bagels and lox to show on here, since I fully intend to go to TOO JAY'S while I am home.


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