Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ending of another month fast approaches

The semester is dragging on and on and on...I am wondering where an end will come to see light. It feels dark to me, I feel somewhat overwhelmed, but the one truth will always be that GOD IS IN CONTROL, and that's all that matters. I know from personal experience that I don't always get what God is doing in life. Especially right now is that true for my life. I haven't had everything I've wanted in life but I have had everything that I need. I have wanted SO much more than what I have right now, it is so incredibly selfish of me.

I wanted to be working in a church, I want to be listed on a piece of paper with a title next to my name, something like Outreach Pastor, or Missions Pastor, but I am just a person who is doing what God is calling me to do. I have to take myself out of the equation and realize that what God does, is what God wants, it cannot be questioned. God revealed only part of what he wanted for me. My church, Southcliff Baptist...there is alot of things that happened there that convinced me I was supposed to be there, and that really is the only thing that I can rely on as far as my placement in God's will. God has things in his hands, and I am grateful for that. I do not always have to understand God's logic, I just have to trust it.

I write this now as a prayer.

Lord help me accept what you have done for me, even if I do not see or understand what you have done in my life, I have a great life because you have given me life so that i might live it. A life in Christ is something worth celebrating. Rejoice in the Lord for everything you have, even when we don't have everything we have wanted.



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