Monday, September 7, 2009

At a Crossroads...

I don't understand sometimes.

We often say we have all of these plans, and we don't follow through with them. God is the mastermind of our lives. He created us, he gave us passions and creative expressions and yet we cannot stick to a solid plan for life. I feel that way a lot nowadays. College is slowly coming to an end, and I am still cannot figure out what to do. I only know that there is something with Japanese people I see in my future. I am sure it could be here in the United States, but how this will all play out, I am unsure. The only definite plan I have is to go forward. I am meeting with the Church planting professor this week to go over the final details for my internship to officially begin. I am just now going to LifeSong (last night was my second week), and I am loving the uniqueness of this experience. I am feeling like a believer in the New Testament, meeting in a different setting than what would be considered "church". I feel stronger in my commitment to to the church by being a part of this. It is a new feeling for me. I am starting feel the real world starting to break through in my life. I have been living in a world of ivory towers and imagination that can only go so deep, but I am seeing my life for what it really is supposed to be. Working, doing things, not just sitting here and pretending to do something.

I have made a whole list of things I commit to do differently this month. I got the idea from my roommate, so I will see how far I can take this, but I really want to do something about my life differently, so I will have to see what this new list can do for me.

Keep me in prayer, that God will move in my life, and give me stronger passions and desires for my life.


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