Friday, August 28, 2009

Life moving forward (sequel to previous post)

As I have already mentioned, my life is getting closer and closer to becoming "real". College will be done in May, and then I am just totally unsure of what it is that I will do next. With so many different opportunities, I have to sit and wonder what God has called me to and how I can accomplish it. Japanese ministry is truly what I feel God is calling me to, and I have really discovered that it doesn't necessarily have to be in Japan for it to be done. So with this possibility of a career among a prominent Japanese community, I see God opening up so many doors.

I am enjoying my American life again. I still miss all the aspects of the Japanese life I had for almost 3 months, but when I think about it, God didn't intend for that experience to be permanent. It was an important part of my life, because I really did need to find out that I was meant to do full-time ministry among the Japanese people, and I really believe that's what I'm called to do.

So as you read my future blogs, know that I will be talking about my experiences with The LifeSong Church, as well as my final 2 semesters at Boyce. That's a scary thought, I have been attending this Christian school for 3 full years, and am now starting a 4th one.

I have a lot to get done today, so I will write again on Sunday, after I get back from the LifeSong, that way you can hear how things went with that first experience, and what will pontentially happen once I get the Church Planting Internship started.


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