Thursday, May 21, 2009

T Minus 4 days and counting...

Okay, so I'm at Panera (yet again), writing on this blog that I've barely had the chance to sit down and do since I got this computer. Well, that's only because our cleaning people are at the house taking care of things today. I don't even know if I'll go home and see that they haven't come yet. I am hopeful that they will have been there once I go home. Thankfully, I am close by to the Wellington Mall, so it's not a bad idea to stop by there and just go browsing for the time being. It makes me wonder what the term "browsing" might be like on my days off while I'm in Tokyo.

I cannot believe for a moment that this trip is really going to happen. I just found out about 3 days ago that I will be on a plane with 2 other IMB interns whom I will meet at the airport in Dallas on Monday. So that's a fun thing. We are even having company at the house and going out for this big dinner on saturday, plus me, my dad, brother, and family friend will be going to the movies to go see the new Terminator movie on Friday night. So the next few days are going to be very full.

I will write more in the days to come. Everyone who reads this blog, please check all the updates on here while I'm on the field.

God Bless You all.


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