Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is the 3rd day in a row of having to go to a Panera to use the internet. my house has been down during that time, so here I sit. At least there's great food here. I just had a crazy thought of how much time there is left before I actually head over to Japan. I leave in 13 days! That's just insane to me. I have been preparing for this for an entire year, and now I'm leaving. My older sister and her husband got re-married this past Saturday, so now they are on their honeymoon in Key West, while me and my family babysit their 2 boys. It has been an adventure. I am actually going to pick up my nephew from school. I'm sorry to change the subject, but i am just so frustrated with myself. I haven't been sticking to any diet plan since i've been home. I actually cancelled my Weight Watchers membership, and i will just be carefully watching what i eat while i'm in Japan. The minute i get back however, I'll have to start it all over again. Oh well.

School is going to be a whole lot easier for me once i get home. 4 classes a semester, not to mention also having 2 days off during the week.

I'll write again soon.


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