Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 days in Tokyo

Okay, here I am. This is Shibuya. This is going to be our home for the whole summer. I am absolutely amazed by how things are going here in the city. I got here safely, and the people I am working with are absolutely wonderful. I got to meet the missionaries and hear their hearts about why they do what they do. We were out today on the campus of Asia University talking with a bunch of college-aged Japanese kids just getting to know them. We all ate dinner together, and I am currently trying to plan a "Friendship Party" with a group of people to go see the Lion King here in Tokyo. Me and a few of the interns are probably going to go to the theater to find out about Tickets. I will write more again soon. I have to go to bed soon.


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Gustavo said...

I feel like I am missing out!!!