Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Summer for Netflix

I am going to be honest here. I need to blog more often. As I writer, I have somewhat of a hidden obligation to write and tell people my thoughts and what not so here it goes. This has been a very long long long summer, and I am grateful I had Netflix to keep my mind and time occupied when things got boring.

Sometimes in life I feel we need to have things to occupy our time. This is a very big "Catch-22", because when we find the appropriate things to occupy our time, we are not able to be in a place where we can be lead astray into worldly things. God gives us indications that our minds should be occupied, but occupied rightly with all the right things.

I spend a lot of time watching TV shows as well as reading different books. Also as I am interested in music (like a great deal) I truly and dearly try to make sure what I listen to is clean of vulgar language, and keep restrictions on what I watch as well as what I do in my life.

All I can say is...TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Grace and Peace for now.


Psalm 37:4

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12madsgaqvq said...

I must agree with you. I enjoy watching the plethora of movies and sitcoms,(especially the old sitcoms and dickvandyke or science showes) but lately I actually just relish the simple practice of reading biographies by great christian men of the faith. I really enjoy John Wesley's biography because even though he is known for having a strict personality and developing a rigorous method of Christianity. It is quite entertaining to see how many pitfalls he had before he became a christian. I personally do not adhere to his doctrine of sinless perfection, but I enjoy his energy and enthusiasm in spreading the gospel. Another Christian man that I would like to read more on is David livingstone. I want to get the audio book that way i can work and listen to his journals.