Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another school year approaches

Today is the 16th of August...1 year ago, I was sleeping on the second floor of Fort Worth Hall. I had come to Texas with the expectation that God was going to do something amazing. I seriously had no clue what was going to happen. In a year's time...

Okay let's see...

I got to school hating myself because I didn't have a job, now I have a job and have been banking money like it's going out of style. God pulled me out of a horrible work situation and allowed me to see how much he would be able to do in me if I was just willing to trust in him.

I didn't really have a great deal of direction in my life, considering that i had just gotten through 4 years of Bible College and didn't really care how I had performed in school, for me it was just a matter of finishing, period. Wow, was I wrong, I truly needed to get things done in a way that pleased the Lord, and now I see, holy crap! I need to work as hard as I possibly could.

School is an amazing situation for me, but as this is seminary and not college, I literally have to push myself harder than I could ever have imagined. Keep up with my blog this semester, as I will intentionally be trying to get as much posted here as I can. I have to seriously pick a day and time to do this, because with the new semester schedule being as insane as it will be, I have to plan this very very carefully. I will do my best to post, even if it means I forget to do it, but I will try to remember.

Be blessed, and Happy School Year.


I would never have seen the friends that I had made, or the people that I spend all of my time with, Lord in heaven, things have changed for me.

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