Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Revive This Nation - Quaker City, Ohio - March 15th

Okay, I really don't understand what is going on with facebook tonight, so that's the reason why there's a note update on my blog rather than on facebook. If I can ever get it to work, i will let you know.

Anyway, today was another busy day of ministry. Today was where I brought in the Roman Road (Romans 3:21-26) as a topic for my sermon. It has gotten to the point where I have been getting so comfortable with my preaching style. I cannot wait to go over my sermons, since I recorded all of them. The videos will be put up on facebook the minute i have the ability to do it.

You know, when I got into the ministry, I had it in my mind that i could do things better than the people who I saw handle me while I was in ministry (as a student I mean), but the best thing I have found through doing this experience is that I get to be me, and i don't have anyone to be compared to, anyone I have to worry about what they think, the prying eyes, the negative comments that i have receievd in my lfie concerning my ministry, I egt to have it be where its just me and my faith in the Lord. That's the comfort I felt tonight while I was preaching. It was me, and the Holy Spirit leading me. I don't have to worry about what people said, because no one was there to see it. I was always worried about what others thought of me, and how I would compare to others, but now i don't have to worry about any of that, because I am myself...and I am worthy to preach God's word because I am a sinner saved by grace.

Today I went with Pastor Larry to do more work to invite some more people to come out, since tonight and tomorrow are the last 2 nights. I am super excited...I hope that the people we have talked to will come out.

We went to a local cafe called "circle of friends" where 2 people who are known at Quaker City baptist church are owners. We were able to talk with them, pray over their family since their daughter was sick. And after that, we drove into West Virginia to go to a famous sporting goods store called Cabelas, where there was a hall of African Animals that would EASILY and TOTALY rival Dr. Patterson's office. It was a good time.

I can really feel that I was sent here to be an encouragement more than anything. The people in this church needed to hear me encourage them, and that is why I personally feel that I was sent here. I hope that someone will accept Christ because of me, but at the same time, to give people a deeper understanding of their salvation, that's huge all in itself, for I feel I have made a difference in this community.

Blessings and Much Love,

Phil 1:20

1 More update to come before heading back to the Lone Star State.


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Brian said...

be thankful that dr. patterson is not reading this blog. =P perhaps, since it was a hall full of animal heads, there is much more space than an office. its all about God. cheers