Monday, March 7, 2011


I had to think of a really good title to use considering that in exactly 1 week, I will be traveling from the DFW area to Quaker City, Ohio for a weeklong revival where I personally will be preaching 5 sermons. I only have basically 3 manuscripts prepared but that will all very quickly change. 2 sermons on the concept of “The Blood of the Lamb” drawn from Exodus 12 and Hebrews 3, one on the holiness of God drawn from Isaiah 6, one on God’s righteousness and the role of Christ in redemption from Romans 3, and finally I’ll conclude everything with Acts 26.

The title is from one of my favorite songs by the Christian singer Carmen. “Revival in the Land” talks about what happens when demons in Hell hear the saints praying on their knees for revival. Demons are suffering in Hell because of this powerful moving of prayer. This is what I am praying right now, especially as I get closer and closer to going to Ohio to preach.

I definitely consider myself a bad blogger these days. I used to be so good at keeping up with everything and now it’s like WHO CARES? I mean, life just gets in the way of everything and you seriously just can’t find the time or the desire for that matter to sit and write. You have a lot on your mind, yes; but when it comes down to it, this doesn’t strike me as being a priority anymore, so whenever I feel the urge to write something I do it, I won’t just do it for any plain reason like I did in the summer. I do admit that I am envious of all the other people I know who are committed to blogging everyday. I can’t really bring myself up to do all of that.

The weekend was just too busy, March in general is going to be crazy. But I will do the best I can to tell everything that's going on.

Be blessed and look for my more posts.


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