Monday, January 17, 2011

Only Getting Started...

I picked the title of a Steven Curtis Chapman song to basically tell you how i feel right now. Things are changing for the better. I have things in my life now that weren't there last year. I started last year (2010) doing a photo project where I took a picture everyday, and it was all done with the intentions of pleasing someone, and now i am free because my blog is being done on my own schedule, rather than trying to do it everyday. I have so much I have to focus on. Particularly school being the biggest of these things, I want to devote as much time as I possibly can to say, I am studying, or I am getting reading done. That's a big deal for me.

Pray for me, I am in ministry, I am working, I am dating, and I am in seminary. Life couldn't be more blessed and more insane!


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