Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Go West Young Man

The name of the famed song by Michael W. Smith is echoing in my mind on a consistent basis right now. That is what I am longing to do, like you have no clue. I want to be traveling as far west as I possibly can and get back to Texas. Where I belong, where I have a life, where I have friends, where I have a future. I have nothing left in Florida anymore besides my own family. The words are powerful in this song.

I'm blazing a trail that leads to vice
So easily enticed
By darker means
When out of the wilderness of choice
I hear that one still voice

GO WEST YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have this song playing in my head over and over again when I am in the car on my way up to Texas. I don't have anything negative to say about my family, it's just that when you have nobody left in your hometown, it starts to look a strange place to you and you cannot relate to anything or anyone here.

Why must I wander like a cloud
Following the crowd
Well I don't know
But i'm asking for the will to fight
To wear the crown of life
And you say go

GO WEST YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want there to be so much passion for doing the things of God in me this semester, and I hope that as i get ready to go back onto the field in Asia this summer that God would be moving in my life, in my relationships, and most of all in my diligence with my school work. Lord you are in control. Use me as you see fit.

Grace and Peace!

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