Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Personal Revival 2 years later...

Yeah, 2 years ago, I was writing a blog post about me being in the Hospital. You'll have to look at my post tabs along the side to see where it was when I wrote it. April 17, 2010 is a day I don't easily forget. The pain in my chest, the fear, the uncertainty, God holding fast to me. I had to trust that God was always in control, and that moment, that very moment was proof for me that he was. I had seen how great God was and I trusted him and never looked back. Now, 4 semesters into seminary, I just trust that everything is working out for the good and glory of God.

Now, I have bigger troubles. Figuring out how to provide for my family, and amazingly, God teaches me to trust him there too. Never been without anything, we have food, we have everything we could possibly need because I am trusting God no matter what.

When God tries to take your life away from you, its the time that tests you the most, because when you come close to losing your life, you are forced to see that the only one who holds your life together is the one who created you. That's where my peace came. I wasn't angry at God by any means that I had had a Heart attack. Today (the 18th) I would have been out of the lab for the procedure and they would have put me back into my bed, for rest after the angiogram...(if I even spelt that right)...

But now, I have a life that has changed. 2 years later. I now weigh 277 pounds (as opposed to the 315 pounds I weighed when I had my heart attack), I'm married to a beautifully compassionate Godly woman, I am a licensed preacher, I have an amazing group of friends, I am working at going to the mission field. I just can't stop listing how great God is. He is even breaking down walls in my own life, and I am just convinced that there is nothing that is going to stop how great God really is...

I will blog this weekend from Oklahoma. Donna and I are going to this conference "Heart of the Child", for her position at church. Should be a lot of fun. A 5 1/2 hour roadtrip from Fort Worth to Broken Arrow, OK...should be interesting considering I am leaving at 9pm from Fort Worth, we should be getting there at like 3:00am or something.



Psalm 37:4

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